The roadmap out of lockdown

This seems to have been the longest winter ever. In England we have been in lockdown since Christmas. We have not been allowed to stay overnight away from home and visits with friends and family have been restricted. I think we would all love to sit in the sun with a glass of wine and chat with a group of friends. My grandson has not been able to go to school and is missing his pals.

Luckily, we are beginning to see a few glimmers of hope, the government has issued a road map out of lockdown. I have some idea when I can get a haircut or volunteer again in the local charity shop. I am buoyed by the thought of future travel.  It does seem that there are tangible things to be optimistic about. Visits to websites like Easy Jet and Ryan Air show that the British public will be happy to hop on a flight when it is allowed.10-on-the-10th-31-683x1024

With this in mind I decided to join in with a writing prompt for 10 on the 10th run by once upon a time and happily ever after.

Ten things I love about spring

  1. I love the extra daylight hours which mean I can go out to the park after tea.
  2. I love spotting wild flowers, particularly trips to  bluebell woods.
  3. I like Easter. It is a chance for families to get together and plan summer activities. My birthday generally falls near Easter and when I was young I hated getting Easter eggs as birthday presents but now I love buying them for my family.
  4. Seeing my grownup Children on mother’s day. (In Britain this year it will be celebrated on Sunday 14th March.) 
  5. Planning day trips and holidays (It will be extra special this year.)
  6. Going for long walks with friends. I am afraid that as Ihave got older I have become a fair weather walker.
  7. Changing into thinner clothes. It is good to abandon gloves, scarves and hats.
  8. Seeing new life, ducklings on the lakes and lambs in the fields.
  9. Vitamin D. The increased sunlight means we can produce more vitamin D which helps lift our mood and fight infection.
  10. Tasting the first strawberries and seeing pink blossom on my apple tree with its promise of pies to come.
    Bluebells under the trees #Folly farm #Avon Wildlife trust
    Bluebell wood



Over to you. What is number 0ne in your top ten of things you like about spring? Let me know in the commments below.

Author: Anne Fraser

I am a retired nurse from Bristol. I am married with five grown up children, two grandchildren, a boy and a girl and two cats Heidi and Tilly. I like rambling, history and travel and I am hoping to connect with other people around the world who share my interests. I am especially keen to hear from other older bloggers.

5 thoughts on “The roadmap out of lockdown”

  1. Great things to love about spring. Fresh strawberries!! Yes!! Berries of all sorts, and peaches, too. Being outdoors, more vitamin D to be had. My birthday always fall around Easter, too. In fact, I was born on Easter. You must be an Aries, too! High five. Mother’s Day is always best when spent with those that made us mommies. Thank you for joining me.

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    1. We can’t grow peaches here but I am definitely an Aries too. I enjoyed the writing prompt. I hope to join you again soon.


  2. Great list! Thinner clothes – love that (I included that as well)! Hope your Easter and Mother’s Day celebrations will be lovely this year!! (My son has a birthday right at Easter but has never gotten an egg. Hmm- I kinda like that!!)

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  3. I am late getting over here to finish visiting all the contributors. I would love to see bluebells in a forest. How pretty. I love your photos. I would love to visit England. I was born there, my dad was stationed there in the military for a year or so before coming back to the states. My husband has been there as well.


  4. Spring is my favorite season – more sun, warm but not h0t weather, fresh flowers and the beginnings of fresh local veggies. Perfect weather for walks, bike rides, coffee on the porch.

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