A Welsh mystery coach tour

Sheep grazing on a field in an estate agent's window

The Welsh government has partially lifted lockdown measures. They were a little behind England but it does mean that we can once again cross the Severn Bridge and enjoy visiting the Welsh mountains and small towns.  I  noticed a local coach firm was advertising a Welsh mystery day tour and quickly booked two tickets. When the coach firm arranged their new program they had no idea what visitors would be allowed to do so decided to start with a few mystery tours.

We were very pleased when we found the trip would take us to the market town of Abergavenny and then along the heads of the valleys road and on through the Brecon Beacons, a range of low mountains and finish in the small mid-Wales town of Brecon.  I even managed to find a few doors for Thursday doors.

Mock Tudor house
I think the builder of this mock Tudor house paid attention to detail when adding the door.

The timber is too straight to be 16th century but I was impressed by the front door to this house in Abergavenny.

mural of the town on a house inAbergavenny
The Abergavenny Millennium mural

The Abergavenny millennium mural painted by artist Frances Baines has four windows into the past showing how the town would have looked in 1100, 1665, 1856 and 1936.  In the back is the Skirrid mountain and at the top is the Abergavenny  coat of arms.

The wooden door of the old grammar school
The Henry VIII grammar school

After the dissolution of the monasteries, King Henry VIII allowed the town’s tithes to be used to establish a boy’s grammar school.

Blue doors canal cottages Brecon
Canal cottages Brecon

I loved the matching blue doors on these cottages.

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Author: Anne Fraser @theplatinumline.blog

I am a retired nurse from Bristol. I am married with five grown up children, two grandchildren, a boy and a girl and two cats Heidi and Tilly. I like rambling, history and travel and I am hoping to connect with other people around the world who share my interests. I am especially keen to hear from other older bloggers.

7 thoughts on “A Welsh mystery coach tour”

  1. Providing there’s no flooding, it’d be lovely to live in one of those blue-doored homes overlooking the water, wouldn’t it? I’m glad you got to get out, it sounds like a fab mystery tour! Did you have any apprehensions with Covid, Anne? I can’t seem to get my head around my parents (or myself, in case I were to infect them) getting back to ‘normal’ even though we’ve now all had both doses of the vaccines. A bit worried it’ll be like this forever! At least in the mean time I can take little day trips through blog posts like these and see new places 🙂

    Caz xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have been helping in a charity shop for a few weeks now so I am getting used to people again. I had to relearn how to gossip.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m glad to hear you were able to get out and about, and thanks for bringing us along with you to this wonderful area. I love the doors and buildings and your photos in general. The canal houses are really cool, as is the Millennium mural.


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