Lockdown street art in Llandudno

Goats and a Walrus in the news

Last month we went on holiday to North Wales staying in the small seaside town of Llandudno. Like the rest of the U.K. Wales was in lockdown for much of last year. This meant hotels, bars, shops and restaurants were closed and tourists stayed away. A local graffiti artist was able to celebrate the effect this had on some of the wildlife by painting murals on one of the seafront shelters. I have been trying to spot lockdown art and was pleased to photograph these two murals.

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When shall we three meet again photographing public art challenge 10

This simple sculpture represents three burnt matchsticks

This sculpture which is part of the Portishead sculpture trail is called “when shall we three meet again” by the sculptor Robert Stuart Clamp. The quotation is of course from the witches scene in Macbeth. “

When shall we three meet again

In thunder lightning or in rain

when the hurlyburly’s done

when the battle’s lost and won

William Shakespeare

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Wensleydale Cheese ploughman’s lunch

Here is a sneak preview of my entry for the September blogger’s challenge “what’s on your plate.”

Here is my first entry for the monthly what’s on your plate? foodie challenge run by Donna from retirement reflections and her friend Deb, the widow Badass.  I am not a baker or a foodie but sometimes the story behind a meal can be as interesting as the recipe. (I hope so anyway). Continue reading “Wensleydale Cheese ploughman’s lunch”

Victorian Clifton photo tour

“A nation that destroys its soils destroys itself. Forests are the lungs of our land, purifying the air and giving fresh strength to our people.”― Franklin D. Roosevelt

I belong to a local history walking group. This weekend we had a stroll through my home city of Bristol to discover Victorian Clifton. Medieval Bristol was a small city close to the river and like most cities it outgrew its walls.

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Hug a tree #treesquare14

“Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago” Warren Buffet

I love walking through the woods and trying to identify the trees. Last week I went on an organised tree walk to our local park, Oldbury Court and we were able to discover the evolution of the landscape through the trees.

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Roses aren’t always red #sundaystillspink

First a confession I am not a pink person. I don’t do girly. When we moved into this house I was dismayed to find that the previous owner had left us a very pink bedroom. The curtains were dusky pink, the carpet was pale pink and the wall paper had large pink carnations. It had to go. Continue reading “Roses aren’t always red #sundaystillspink”

Discovering Regency Bath and Bridgerton locations

Season one of Bridgerton is an eight episode series which premiered on Netflix on Christmas day 2020. Although it has been described as historical fantasy not fact it is great fun. Producer Shonda Rhimes  imagined an alternative regency period where Queen Charlotte, the wife of George III was of mixed race rather than of German descent and much of the aristocracy was also biracial. Continue reading “Discovering Regency Bath and Bridgerton locations”

A Welsh mystery coach tour

The Welsh government has partially lifted lockdown measures. They were a little behind England but it does mean that we can once again cross the Severn Bridge and enjoy visiting the Welsh mountains and small towns.  I  noticed a local coach firm was advertising a Welsh mystery day tour and quickly booked two tickets. When the coach firm arranged their new program they had no idea what visitors would be allowed to do so decided to start with a few mystery tours. Continue reading “A Welsh mystery coach tour”

The West door of Bath Abbey and Anne Bolyen

You can no longer use the West door to enter Bath Abbey except on special occasions. At first glance it seems to be a standard issue cathedral door.  It was carved from a single piece of wood and given to the abbey in 1617.  Continue reading “The West door of Bath Abbey and Anne Bolyen”