The Black and White House in Hereford for Thursday doors

Thursday Doors is a weekly feature that lets door lovers from around the world share pictures of the doors they have found and tell the stories behind them. For my entry this week I am taking you to Hereford, a small market town on the River Wye on the border between England and Wales.

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Greenwich Where time begins

Greenwich where time begins

The subject for Becky’s squares in October is the past. I have a history degree and I belong to a history walking group called “A walk in the Past” so I should have no difficulty coming up with suitable photos for the challenge .

Last weekend we visited Greenwich in London and a lot of our conversation was about the nature of time itself so I am choosing a past theme I missed “time”.

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Lockdown street art in Llandudno

Goats and a Walrus in the news

Last month we went on holiday to North Wales staying in the small seaside town of Llandudno. Like the rest of the U.K. Wales was in lockdown for much of last year. This meant hotels, bars, shops and restaurants were closed and tourists stayed away. A local graffiti artist was able to celebrate the effect this had on some of the wildlife by painting murals on one of the seafront shelters. I have been trying to spot lockdown art and was pleased to photograph these two murals.

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Wensleydale Cheese ploughman’s lunch

Here is a sneak preview of my entry for the September blogger’s challenge “what’s on your plate.”

Here is my first entry for the monthly what’s on your plate? foodie challenge run by Donna from retirement reflections and her friend Deb, the widow Badass.  I am not a baker or a foodie but sometimes the story behind a meal can be as interesting as the recipe. (I hope so anyway). Continue reading “Wensleydale Cheese ploughman’s lunch”

A Welsh mystery coach tour

The Welsh government has partially lifted lockdown measures. They were a little behind England but it does mean that we can once again cross the Severn Bridge and enjoy visiting the Welsh mountains and small towns.  I  noticed a local coach firm was advertising a Welsh mystery day tour and quickly booked two tickets. When the coach firm arranged their new program they had no idea what visitors would be allowed to do so decided to start with a few mystery tours. Continue reading “A Welsh mystery coach tour”

A virtual walk around the ring of Kerry in Southern Ireland

Virtually nothing is impossible

It is St. Patrick’s day on March 17th, a time to celebrate all things Irish. I have visited southern Ireland several times over the last fifty years and seen enormous changes. I first visited Dublin about 50 years ago with a school friend. It was during the troubles and we felt uncomfortable speaking with English accents.

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